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TWO Book Package $114.95

  • "Fly Idaho!" (3rd Edition)
  • "Fly Utah!"   (Two books)
  • "Air Baja!"   (incl. 04 update)


(List Price Total: $169.85)



When does 2 = 4? Maybe in the new Common Core math but in this case, when you combine the two-volume set Fly Utah! along with the two-volume set Fly Idaho! you get four books total. And to sweeten the deal even more, you will receive a FREE copy of Air Baja! So in terms of Common Core, 2 = 5. Go figure.

Package deals

Idaho Package Deal for $99.95 (list price $109.85)


  • "Fly Idaho!" book (3rd Edition)
  • DVD - "Idaho Gold"
  • DVD - "Backcountry Idaho"



Utah Package Deal  for $109.95 (list price $124.75)


  • "Fly Utah!" book 
  • DVD - "Utah Outback"
  • GH-UT Utah Supplemental WAC Chart
  • Backcountry Utah Waypoints for iPad/ForeFlight DVD Deal  for $89.95 (list price $94.80)


  • DVD - "Arkansas Backcountry"
  • DVD - "Utah Outback"
  • DVD - "Idaho Gold"
  • DVD - "Backcountry Idaho"


Arkansas Items

Utah Items

Idaho Items

Montana Items

Baja Mexico Items

DVD "Arkansas Backcountry"

"Fly Utah!"

"Fly Utah!" eBook

GH-UT Utah Supplemental WAC Chart

"Backcountry Utah Waypoints for iPad/ForeFlight/Garmin Pilot"

DVD - "Utah Outback with Todd Peterson"

"Fly Idaho!" (3rd Edition)

"Fly Idaho!" ebook (3rd Edition)

"Backcountry Idaho Waypoints for iPad/ForeFlight/Garmin Pilot"

"Fly Idaho!" (2nd Edition)

The book for $29.95 (obsoleted by the 3rd edition; limited availability)

Idaho Aeronautical Chart 2018 Limited/Signed Edition

DVD - "Idaho Gold"

DVD - "Backcountry Idaho with Todd Peterson"

"Fly the Big Sky!"

The book for for $49.95


SOLD OUT! - Sorry folks. She´s a gonner.

Montana Ltd. Edition 2013 Wall Chart

"Air Baja!"

Books by Sparky Imeson

"Mountain Flying Bible Revised"

The book by Sparky Imeson for $36.95 (out of print)

"Taildragger Tactics"

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