Galen Hanselman
Galen Hanselman

The Author Galen Hanselman is not just one of my favorite traveling buddies, he's one of my favorite travel writers. Whether he's writing about the snow peak wilderness of Idaho or the desert beaches of Baja, he does so with clarity and precision. I trust the guy. I trust his prose as much as I trust his piloting. As a white-knuckle flier, I can offer no more heartful endorsement than that. As a columnist for Outside Magazine, I take travel and travel writing seriously, so I'm not quick to hand out compliments. I know what I'm talking about because I flew with the man all over the Baja Peninsula while he gathered material for his book Air Baja!. Galen is a fanatic about accuracy and first person experience, so we spent much of our time landing on hellishly rough outback runways, then carefully measuring them, step by step. In the heat. In the wind. There was no guessing, no estimating, no cutting corners. The information we were collecting HAD to be accurate because it was going into HIS book. And he had to experience it himself.


That's the way Galen is . . . and that's why these books are not just for pilots, but for any traveler who wants precise and honest information about the wild backcountry of Idaho, Utah, Montana or Baja. Give these books a try. Galen will become one of your favorite traveling buddies, too.

Randy Wayne White/Pine Island, Florida
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