Backcountry airstrips for recreational pilots

Waypoints for your next adventure. Desolate destinations and stunning scenery.

Backcountry Guides & Aero Wall Charts

Books & Charts

Access difficulty of any airstrip at a glance. Elevation, terrain diagrams, backcountry history and recreational information can be found in these informative guides.

Ebooks & GPS Waypoints

EBooks & Digital Waypoints 

Unique aeronautical charts for Idaho, Montana, Utah, New Mexico, and many other states depicting backcountry airstrips, reporting points, obstacles, and other data not typically shown on FAA charts. For for iPad/Foreflight/Garmin, all our backcountry guides are available in electronic formats. 

Galen Hanselman

Aviator & Adventurer

Author of FLY IDAHO, FLY UTAH & AIR BAJA. Galen spent 1000's of hours documenting and photographing the remote Northwest wilderness. Aviators worldwide simply refer to his guide as “the backcountry pilot’s bible.”

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